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PHIT America

PHIT America LogoOne of Augusta’s main goals is to work constantly to improve the lives of those around us. In order for us to accomplish this goal, we proudly sponsor the PHIT America Alliance. The alliance is a group of committed companies, athletes, and individuals working together to promote PHIT America, a campaign dedicated to increasing physical activity and fitness to improve the health of America.

Launched in January 2013, with the support of companies like ours, PHIT America has been working diligently to reverse the “inactivity pandemic”. PHIT isn’t just a great sounding acronym; it stands for Personal Health Investment Today.

We believe that investing in sports and fitness is more than just something that should be done. It must be done. We are proud to back PHIT America in their mission to promote an “Active, Fit and Healthy America” through awareness, education, grants and legislation.

Passing the PHIT Act by 2016 will be a huge step in the right direction. The PHIT Act will include physical activity as a qualified medical expense, allowing more Americans to access funds for physical activity. PHIT America is also working to fund youth participation in sports through PEP grants. 

We want Americans to fall in love with fitness at an early age and remain active throughout their lives. To find out more about the PHIT America campaign and how you can help, click here.